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Zacks.comThe Zacks newsletter began life in 1988 and has since beaten the market in 19 out of 21 years, tripled the S&P 500 and turned an initial $10,000 investment into over $2,000,000!

That’s some performance!

Zacks uses a simple yet effective formula to pick stocks. Based on years of fundamental and technical analysis, Len Zack made the simple ‘breakthrough’ realization that company earnings were the single most important indicator of stock prices.

Processing reports issued by over 3,000 analysts from 150 brokerage firms, Zacks monitor more than 200,000 earnings estimates and look for changes.

These are then used to rank the shares according to a simple straight forward ranking system:-

  • #1 – Strong Buy
  • #2 – Buy
  • #3- Hold
  • #4 – Sell
  • #5 – Strong Sell

Simply use these proven indicators for your investment decisions.

And with Zacks Premium, you can enter the symbol for any one of up to 4,400 stocks and get its up-to-date Zacks Rank and be notified by e-mail.

And you can take a free 30-day trial which includes . . .

  • Daily Zacks Rank Updates
  • Zacks Recommendations
  • Stock Screens
  • Zacks Industry Rank
  • In-Depth Reports
  • Daily Email Alerts

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