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Trading the global stock markets used to be the sole domain of institutions and corporations. If you wanted access to these markets you had to go through a professional advisor, a broker or fund manager.

No longer! With the advent of online trading, anyone can now access and trade in the markets directly. OK, you still need a broker but there are now many execution only brokers who charge very small fees for online trading.

Coupled with an online explosion of various trading systems, charting software, etc. all the elements are in place for the ‘work at home’ trader to be successful.

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Long term investing, as in buy and hold for many years, pretty much died a death after the market crash of 2008. Now, the successful investor must actively manage his portfolio, know when to enter and exit positions and have a clear trading system.

We provide the basic information you need to get started. From looking at the types of trading and markets to fundamental and technical analysis and how to develop a trading system of your own.

Not sure which broker to choose? Picking the right online stock broker really depends an what kind of trader you are. Be sure to check out our online stock broker reviews before you decide.

Welcome aboard! Let’s get trading and make some money!